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You’ve planned out all the details! You picked the perfect artist! Nothing else can go wrong, right?! There is no business like show business, and things can always go wrong. That’s why it is important to plan for the best but be prepared for the worst.


How To Concerts helps with the less than desirable situations during an event. But it’s good to have a few notes about certain common situations so you can walk into those situations prepared to handle them with confidence.



It’s good to know all the details and have all logistics planned, but don’t forget to meet with your team and go over how important it is for the artist to have a good experience. As much as things can go wrong, things can also go way better than expected. A happy artist team means a better performance for your audience, and a returning audience for the next event. It also means a better reputation for you and your team. The music industry is big but very connected, and when you take care of artists and remain professional – that word is spread.



It’s also important to know how to keep meet and greets efficient and professional. Keep in mind that some artists aren’t comfortable with meet and greets, so be sure to discuss options, and not require something artists are uncomfortable with. Sometimes group photos that an artist can jump in and out of quickly or even getting a stack of posters signed are good options.  Either way, if you are lucky enough to get a meet & greet, make it awesome for everyone including the artist.

Ultimately, we want your show to be a success. So while these blog posts are all helpful as reminders and refreshers, we’d love to talk more about our services because we walk you through all of this when you work with us. Let’s connect and make sure your team has the confidence to pull off a successful, memorable event for everyone! 

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Jolene Chevalier

Founder & Talent Buyer | How To Concerts

Jolene has been a middle buyer for fifteen years, helping colleges and others with their concerts, comedians, and speakers. (And, yes, she is named after the Dolly Parton song.) She would love to talk with you about helping to book, plan, and prepare for your event.

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Amber Olson

Account Executive | How To Concerts

Amber's experience began on the programming committee at Cal Poly SLO. She now works directly with our wonderful clients to book and plan out their amazing shows.. Have questions for Amber? Feel free to reach out.

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