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We have an easy and proven process that will guide you through every step… planning through execution.


In one phone call we can cover all your initial questions and get the information we need to help you develop a plan.

Custom Plan

We listen to your needs and come up with a plan that suits you. We factor in your goals, budget and preferences.


We help you execute the plan. From booking your talent to event tear down – and everything in between. We’re here for you.

Who We Are


We Get You

Both Jolene and Amber started their passion for planning and coordinating memorable events during their college years. It’s been their mission ever since to guide folks through the process and share some trade secrets along the way.

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Your free guide to planning successful shows.

Got a Question?

We got answers. Education is our number one priority. Don’t be afraid. Just ask!

Places we’ve been spotted
Places we’ve been spotted